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Boosting Trust and Credibility in Our Work in Leadership and Team development

Project ‘Innovation Motor’ City of Mannheim, under the patronage of Mayor Dr. Kurz (2022)

COM ACROSS partnered with the City of Mannheim to drive innovation in the areas of sustainability, climate and environmental protection.


The project focused on fostering dialogue between citizens and the city administration, developing prototypes for Mannheim city centre, and exploring digital solutions to enhance sustainability and digitalization in administration and authorities.


COM ACROSS utilized innovation and design thinking processes, as well as agile teams and design sprints, to facilitate the development of creative solutions that address the city’s challenges in a collaborative and efficient manner.

Development Mission and Vision Statement, Values and Purpose with the Hessian State Archives (2021-22)

COM ACROSS collaborated with the Hessian State Archives to address future challenges and develop effective internal and external communication strategies within the administration.


The project aimed to visualize and reassess the values and mission statements of the organization for the future.


Com-Across facilitated an internal organizational process that involved workshops, retrospectives, and coaching sessions to formulate a mission and vision statement that aligns with the organization’s goals and aspirations.

Auf dem Foto hören drei männliche Workshop-Teilnehmer aus dem Team von COM ACROSS aufmerksam und konzentriert zu.
Auf dem Foto sitzen Lisa O'Connor-The, Lioba Jarju und Sho Tatai aus dem Team von COM ACROSS, während eines Workshops zusammen und nehmend lachend am Workshopgeschehen teil.

Empowering Leadership and Diversity Workshops: Driving Change at John Deere AG (2020-22)

COM ACROSS conducted a Leadership program to implement the change process towards a Smart Industrial Company.


Topics like female leadership, female empowerment, diversity in teams, digital mindset, virtual team leadership, cross-departmental and cross-location process support were the core of our work in this program.

Trainer-the-Trainer Program for the Smartactory Kaiserslautern and the RPTU Kaiserslautern and Landau (since 2021)

Since 2021, we have been responsible for the conception, monitoring and implementation of a trainer training at Smartactory Kaiserslautern.


This training series consists of up to 6 modules and has a strong focus on agile learning tracks and experience-oriented workshop design.


We successfully combine online and face-to-face formats. One focus is on workshops that deal with new products and innovations in the field of artificial intelligence in connection with the digitalization of medium-sized companies.

Auf dem Foto steht daniel Kauer, Trainer und Coach von COM ACROSS, neben einem Flipchart und gestikuliert begeistert und lächelnd, während einer Situation in einem Com-Across Workshop. Im Hintergrund befindet Fadja Ehlail und hört aufmerksam zu.

Building a Future-Proof Learning Culture: Process Support for Borgwarner, international – locations: Ningbo,China and North Carolina, USA (2017)

Discover how we supported Borgwarner in establishing an agile and future-proof learning culture across their international locations in Ningbo, China, and North Carolina, USA. Our expert team worked closely with Borgwarner to create a framework that promotes adaptability in the face of rapid changes.


Through our process support and workshops, we empowered the organization to embrace a culture of continuous learning and stay ahead in the ever-evolving industry. Our main goal was to establish an agile learning culture that enabled a high level of adaptability to rapidly changing conditions.

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