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Agile working environments, participative organisations, cross-functional teams, freedom with personal responsibility: Where and how does leadership take place in your company? What should leadership look like in your company? How does virtual control and hybrid leadership work? How can you work successfully with agile, self-organised teams? In order to be able to fully exploit the potential of New Work and a new leadership attitude for your company, we develop strategies and concepts together with you. We offer methods that are easy to apply, realistic and well-founded, so that your leaders can lead confidently, competently and successfully.

Team development

Increasing team productivity, recognising and promoting performance potential, designing self-organised teams and reflecting on, defining and strengthening roles in teams – we accompany your teams on the right path to innovative, structured and efficient work. We support team members in using their skills in the best possible way for the company. We deal with conflicts in a goal-oriented way with your team with the aim of establishing sustainable solutions. With a view to structures and processes in your company, we lead you and your team to success together.


Diversity is much more than gender and women’s quota! Differences in teams exist and are relevant for the daily cooperation and the success of the company. Diversity in terms of age, experience and length of service, gender, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, social and national origin, individual skills and education, as well as physical abilities and overall mindset play a significant role in cooperation. We work with you to find out which aspects are relevant for you and your company. We work with you to develop ways for managers and teams to make diversity visible and potentials usable.

Train the Trainer

Learning organisations and self-organised teams need impulses from inside and outside. In order to really realise the potential within the company, knowledge must be passed on sustainably. We show how your company can make the most important resource, the knowledge and skills of its employees, usable and communicable. The topics in our train-the-trainer workshops: How do we make knowledge accessible and usable? What does brain research say about this? What actually happens in the brain during learning? What models are there for the interactive communication of content – in presence and virtually? We provide clear models that make it easy for non-educators to design exciting workshops themselves, to inspire people and to finally put an end to the boredom of endless PowerPoint presentations.


Digitalisation offers opportunities of inestimable value. Digital formats for exchange, agile learning paths, hybrid leadership, knowledge management, internationalisation, time-independent interaction, streamlining of processes and uncomplicated participation offer new and undreamt-of possibilities. We support you in implementing these ideas in your company. We are professionals in designing digital learning processes. Together with you, we set up your learning management system, design processes for digital exchange and build a digital environment for learning and interaction that is adapted to your company. Image films, music, live events – your wishes are our basis for implementation.


In the individual work with your managers and employees, we open up a protected space in which individual opportunities and potentials are uncovered, conflicts and challenges are dealt with and development steps are coordinated and defined. At the beginning of the process, we set common goals and success criteria with the employer, the respective manager and the coachee, in order to then enter into individualised and in-depth work. During the coaching we focus entirely on the coachee. The cooperation is always confidential and discreet. Our coaches are systemically and holistically trained and have years of expertise in different areas. Together we will find the right counterpart for your employees in order to work in a goal-oriented and sustainable way.


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